You are currently viewing Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what kind of Questions are asked in Power BI and how to answer the same.
  • Covers Power BI questions around Calculated columns,Calculate measures , M Codes , Power Query, Parameters , Power BI gateway, visual level vs page level vs rep
  • How to tackle Power BI Interview Questions around All vs All Except ,What IF , Grouping in power BI , Distinct vs Values.
  • How to confidently answer questions around Sum vs Sumx , Query vs Direct Query

Course content

3.5 total hours


  • Basic SQL Server knowledge.


Covers Calculated Columns, Measures, Power Query, Data Gateway & Parameters :-

  • Question 01 :- What are Calculated columns ?

  • Question 02 :- Where can calculated columns be created in Power BI?

  • Question 03 :- What are calculated measures in Power BI?

  • Question 04 :- Where can calculated measures be created in Power BI?

  • Question 05 :- Difference between Calculated Column and Measure in Power BI?

  • Question 06 :- What are M codes in power bi & Where Can You Write Power Query M Code?

  • Question 07 :- What are Parameters in Power BI?

  • Question 08 :- What is Power BI data gateway?

  • Question 09 :- Do we need data gateway for schedule refresh in Power BI?

  • Question 10 :- What is Query Folding in Power BI?

  • Question 11 :- What is the use of Split function in Power BI?

  • Question 12 :- Difference between visual level, page level and report level filters in Power BI?

Questions on ALL & ALL EXCEPT functions, Grouping , what if parameter, Distinct :-

  • Question 13:- Difference between ALL and ALL EXCEPT functions?

  • Question 14:- What is “What if” parameter in Power BI?

  • Question 15:- How to keep or remove specific rows in Power BI?

  • Question 16: What is grouping in power bi and how to use it?

  • Question 17:- Difference between Distinct and Values in Power BI?

Important questions on DAX, DAX Function, Power Query, Power BI Reports :-

  • Question 18:-What is DAX and most common DAX functions used?

  • Question 19:- What is Power Query?

  • Question 20:- What are different types of Filters in Power BI Reports?

Differentiating between sum vs sumx and Direct Query vs Import Query :-

  • Question 21 :- Difference between sum and sumx in power bi?

  • Question 22 :- Import Query vs Direct Query in power bi?

Append Query vs Merge Query and different types of Power BI Joins :-

  • Question 23 – Append Query VS Merge Query in Power BI ?

  • Question 24 – Types of Join and Types of Join kind in Power BI ?

Who this course is for:

  • Power BI Developers who are looking for cracking interview.

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