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python for finance-machine learning and algorithmic trading

Learn Python, Pandas, numpy,machine learning,algorithmic trading to perform well in trading.

What you’ll learn

  • Cover a Python Crash Course with all the basic Python
  • How to automate financial analysis with Python using Pandas and Numpy
  • Introduction to Pandas, Numpy and Visualization of financial data
  • Learn to find attractive companies to invest in using fundamental analysis
  • Identify when to buy and sell stocks based on technical analysis using Pandas
  • Understand risk when buying stock shares
  • How to use DataFrames for financial analysis
  • How to calculate a fair price (intrinsic value) of a stock with Python using Pandas
  • How to use Price/Earnings (PE) ratio to make calculations
  • How to calculate technical indicators, like, Moving Average (MA), MACD, SMA, and more
  • Calculate with vectors and matrices using NumPy
  • How to calculate the Volatility of a stock
  • Learn what Sharpe Ratio is and how to use it
  • Learn how to trade using machine learning
  • Learn how to trade using algorithms.
  • Optimize your portfolio of investments
  • Understand and learn to calculate the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate)
  • Learn how to use pandas and numpy for data analysis
  • Learn how to work with time series data.
  • Learn about financial data science
  • deriavative analytics

Course content

2 total hours


  • Basics of programming
  • All software and data used in course is free


Would you like to explore how Python can be applied in the world of Finance?

Would you like to learn how to apply machine learning using python in finance?

Would you like to learn how to apply deep learning using python in finance?

Would you like to learn how to apply reinforcement learning using python in finance?

Would you like to learn about algorithmic trading using python?

If so, then this is the right course for you!

We are proud to present python for finance-machine learning and algorithmic trading – one of the most interesting and complete courses we have created so far.

An exciting journey from Beginner to Pro.

If you are a complete beginner and you know nothing about coding, don’t worry! We start from the very basics. The first part of the course is ideal for beginners and people who want to brush up on their basic Python skills. And then, once we have covered the basics, we will be ready to tackle various parts of algorithmic trading and working with financial data.

Finance Fundamentals.

And it gets even better! The Finance part of this course will teach you in-demand real-world skills employers are looking for. To be a high-paid programmer, you will have to specialize in a particular area of interest. In this course, we will focus on Finance, covering many tools and techniques used by finance professionals daily:

Everything is included! All these topics are first explained in theory and then applied in practice using Python. This is the best way to reinforce what you have learned.

This course is great, even if you are an experienced programmer, as we will teach you a great deal about the finance theory and mechanics you will need if you start working in a finance context.

Teaching is our passion.

What makes this training different from the rest of the Programming and Finance courses out there?

  • This course will teach you how to code in Python and apply these skills in the world of Finance. It is both a Programming and a Finance course.

  • High-quality production – HD video and animations (this isn’t a collection of boring lectures!)

  • Complete training – we will cover all the major topics you need to understand to start coding in Python and solving the financial topics introduced in this course (and they are many!)

  • Extensive Case Studies that will help you reinforce everything you’ve learned.

  • Course Challenge: Solve our exercises and make this course an interactive experience.

  • Excellent support: If you don’t understand a concept or you simply want to drop us a line, you’ll receive an answer within 1 business day.

  • Dynamic: We don’t want to waste your time! The instructors set a very good pace throughout the whole course.

Please don’t forget that the course comes with Udemy’s 30-day unconditional, money-back-in-full guarantee. And why not give such a guarantee, when we are convinced the course will provide a ton of value for you?

Click ‘Buy now’ to start your learning journey today. We will be happy to see you inside the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn about how to use python in finance
  • Beginner python developers willing to use machine learning in finance

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