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Elementor Course for Free in Hindi – WordPress Elementor

Master the art of using Elementor plugin to build beautiful pages and implement great design on your WordPress website

What you’ll learn

  • What is Elementor page builder & how to use it to develop your WordPress website?
  • How to ensure your site looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile phone.
  • All Elementor widgets like text, images, videos and short codes.
  • Build fantastic looking web pages without using any code
  • Master the art of using the Elementor page builder plugin

Course content

2 total hours


  • The Student should know how to use WordPress
  • Elementor plugin is required for this course. If you want to design your own theme, then you will need the Pro version.


Learn Elementor and unleash a powerful & free page builder for WordPress with this Elementor course. With it, you can drag and drop your way to a powerful website design. Elementor works a little differently from most page builders. For a start, you design live on the front-end of your site, not in the back-end Dashboard.

With more than a million downloads already, Elementor is one of the very best and most popular plugins for building pages in WordPress.

The free version is a page builder that comes with dozens of beautiful widgets and templates that you can use to build your web page content with pixel-perfect precision. It’s an impressive and well-established page-builder.

In this course, we are covering all available widgets in the Free version of Elementor:-

  1. Inner section widget

  2. Heading Widget

  3. Image Widget

  4. Text Editor widget

  5. Video widget

  6. Button widget

  7. Padding & Margin concept

  8. Star Rating Widget

  9. Divider Widget

  10. Google Map Widget

  11. Icon WIdget

  12. Image Box Widget

  13. Icon Box Widget

  14. Gallery Widget

  15. Image Carousel Widget

  16. Icon List Widget

  17. Counter Widget

  18. Spacer Widget

  19. Testimonial Widget

  20. Tabs Widget

  21. Accordion Widget

  22. Toggle Widget

This course will be updated continually to ensure that it always describes how to use the latest features of Elementor.

By the end of the course, you would have mastered how to use the Elementor plugin to build any type of web page that you want.

Who this course is for:

  • Master how to use the Elementor plugin to build amazing pages and implement great design on your WordPress website

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