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English Conversation from A to Z

Learn English Conversations from different daily topics and become a fluent communicator

What you’ll learn

  • Students will Learn to speak about 30 different daily topics.
  • Students will develop English conversation skills
  • Students will improve their English pronunciation
  • Students will develop English vocabulary knowledge
  • Students will improve their English grammar knowledge
  • Students will improve English Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading
  • Students will learn to think in English and to speak English fluently
  • Students will Learn the American accent

Course content

35 total mins


  • No previous knowledge of English is necessary.
  • A computer, or a tablet, or a phone with good headphones so you can hear the pronunciation clearly


Welcome to the course!

Become a Fluent Communicator

This is the first level of our 3-level series, each video lesson consists of two dialogues containing several phrasal verbs. The dialogues also include many intermediate and advanced structures (tenses, conditionals, modals, etc.), so you can also review the usage of structures at the same time as you learn these verbs.

This course is designed to help absolute beginners improve their English skills. My complete English-Speaking course is going to show you the exact skills you need to sound like a native English.


  • Pronunciation

  • Listening

  • Reading

  • Vocabulary

  • Phrases

  • Idioms

  • Grammar


  • Watch and analyze conversations

  • Explore and explain phrases and vocabulary used in the conversations

  • Increase your overall vocabulary

  • Increase your confidence and ability to communicate using English

What will students learn in your course?

  • Students will become more confident and more fluent.

  • Students will learn to understand and use essential English idioms.

  • Students will learn how to Start and End conversations

  • Students will improve listening & writing & reading & speaking skills

  • Students will learn Vocabulary for daily conversation topics

  • By the end of the course, students will have improved their pronunciation and fluency.

Who are your target students?

  • A beginner level of English.

  • Anyone who wants to improve their English

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to speak English fluently
  • Anyone who wants to master English grammar
  • Anyone who wants to improve their English speaking
  • Anyone who wants to confident with speaking English.

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