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Public Speaking Masterclass: 10x Your Impact

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Master Public Speaking, Presentation Skills & Storytelling With The World’s Decorated Public Speaker

What you’ll learn

  • Deliver a truly exhilarating presentation that the audience will REMEMBER
  • Feel NERVE-FREE and 100% confident when you step up to deliver your presentation
  • Ensure your presentation has the right IMPACT on your audience
  • Keep your audience ENGAGED and INTERESTED throughout the presentation
  • Properly CLOSE your presentation, since your final line is hugely important
  • REHEARSE effectively and what techniques to use in preparation
  • What to do on the day
  • What FAILSAFE measures to have in place
  • Dealing with QUESTIONS
  • Which GRAPHICS, SLIDES, HANDOUTS to use and why

Course content

1 total hour


  • A determination to improve your presentation skills
  • A willingness to learn new skills
  • The bravery to put your skills to the test in public


Delivering a great speech is a massive accomplishment. For an audience, experiencing a stirring rendition is both exhilarating and uplifting. Because a great speech appears so effortless, it is too easy to assume that delivery is a simple matter. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those who have mastered the art of successful speaking know very well that it is rarely an overnight phenomenon. Great speeches may be written in just a few days – but the delivery is what can make them great. That ability takes years of experience to hone. The stark reality is that delivering speeches is fraught with pitfalls almost guaranteed to unhinge the novice.

This course is designed to equip you both the skillset and the confidence you need to deliver presentations that are MEMORABLE, EFFORTLESS, EXHILARATING and ENJOYABLE

What are the benefits of this course? 

  • Being confident to deliver any type of speech
  • Being able to create and deliver a great speech at short notice
  • Knowing how to create and deliver your core message
  • Knowing how to handle any type of question
  • Knowing how to cope with any problems

Who is Alan Stevens?

Alan has been speaking professionally, on and off stage, for about 40 years. He has written a number of books on the subject, the most recent titled ‘The Exceptional Speaker’. He is the most decorated public speaker in the world, having won more awards than any other speaker. He has been the President of the Global Speakers Federation as well as President of the National Speakers Federation in the UK. During his career he has worked with thousands of people and blue chip companies to help them improve their presentation skills. 


“Alan, most of the time it is hard to get honest replies from people about the content of my communication, and how I can become better at what I do. Thank you very much for your professional advice and help – I really appreciate it.”

– Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, The UK’s most successful Paralympic athlete

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has an upcoming presentation to deliver
  • Anyone wishing to reach the next level in their presentation skills
  • Anyone who currently feels nervous or ill equipped to speak in public
  • Anyone involved in sales, pitching and public speaking

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