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Art Design

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Stone Art / Stamp, Mosaic and Wood Art

What you’ll learn

  • Painting Techniques
  • Colour Information
  • Decoration Techniques
  • Stamp Art

Course content

42 total mins


  • Stone Painting Set
  • Stamp Art Set
  • Paint
  • Wooden Toy Set
  • Mosaic Relief Art
  • Brush


   Art education requires visual thinking. One of the ways of conveying the thought form is language, and the other is the lines and forms in which artistic activities take shape.

   Thanks to artistic design, the individual’s aesthetic sensitivity develops and his perspective on life changes. The artistic products made not only improve dexterity but also serve the purpose of use as a decor product.

   In art design education, a person learns colours, recognizes the type of material, and finally combines all what he has learned with his own business world to create a great design. Are you ready to discover yourself in this design world?


   KOMEK was established in 2004 and provided vocational training to 1500 people per year with courses opened in 3 different centres.

   Our KOMEK courses, which have become a brand in vocational education in Turkey, improve their professional and artistic knowledge while responding to the general education needs of the people of our city.

   As a public university, our courses, which contribute to employment, train artisans, ensure the personal development of the trainees, and contribute to the social life of the city while doing these, have provided training in 474 branches since its establishment.

Who this course is for:

  • For Those Who Want to Improve Hand Dexterity
  • Stone Art / For Those Who Want to Learn Stamp, Mosaic and Wood Art

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