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5 Days 5 Minutes of Yoga

Wellness For Busy People; Improve your Mood, Energy, Focus & Self Awareness. Experience your world slow down.

What you’ll learn

  • How YOGA can improve your MOOD.
  • Hoy YOGA can recharge your ENERGY.
  • How YOGA can help you develop better FOCUS and concentration.
  • How YOGA develops your self AWARENESS.
  • How YOGA can help you SLOWDOWN internally so you can react to challenge with grace.

Course content

39 total mins


  • No prerequisites. Just 5 minutes of your time for 5 days.


Hello busy-intelligent-hard-working human,

I heard though the grape vine that life is getting pretty stressful.

Are you waiting for that golden day when you have everything in life under control?

Hi, I’m Jenn. I’m here to help.

If you’re anything like the old me you are doing everything in your power to get there – to feel balanced again.

So next question….

How are you doing on your mission to concur all areas of your life at once?

A) Calm & focused with time to spare (+)

B) Frustrated, exhausted and always in a rush (-)

If you are calm & focused, “hats off to you” nice job!

If you are the latter don’t fret you are minutes away from joining the calm & focused crowd.

I know I said minutes and that’s how it starts…

In this FREE course you will experience 5 Micro Yoga Session each only 5 minutes long to help lift that stress.

Give yourself a few minutes of ‘you time’ for the next five days.

Did you know that yoga can help improve your mood, increase energy, build focus and concentration, develop self-awareness and give you the feeling that time is slowing down?

You can be brand new to yoga or, do it regularly to enjoy these sessions.

It’s nice to experience new ways to look at your practice. I hope everyone enjoys this.

1) Day 1: Mood

2) Day 2: Energy

3) Day 3: Focus

4) Day 4: Introspection

5) Day 5: Time

You deserve to feel good in your body and calm in your heart.

Let’s make that happen.

See you on the mat!

Jenn xo

Who this course is for:

  • You have never done yoga before.
  • You think you don’t have time to take a break during the day.
  • You think you need to move aggressively to wake up the body and mind.
  • You think yoga is only for your body.
  • You need a fast way to lift your sprits and feel good.

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