You are currently viewing Certified ISTQB Advanced Level Test AnalystCTALTA 2022

Certified ISTQB Advanced Level Test AnalystCTALTA 2022

Prepare yourself and get ready for Certified ISTQB Advanced Level – Test Analyst(CTAL-TA)

What you’ll learn

  • Learn techniques to test quality characteristics such as performance, reliability, accessibility and usability.
  • In-depth knowledge about all testing activities related to analysts
  • Identify and choose appropriate test design techniques for different applications
  • Ability to pass ISTQB Advanced level Test analyst certification exam

Course content

2.5 total hours


  • ISTQB foundation level certificate Minimum 24 months of experience in testing, development, QA, engineering or related fields


This course is a product of years of experience and in addition to covering all the topics from syllabus, it also covers some useful insights. With this course, one with good experience in industry can easily pass the certification for ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst. The ISTQB® Advanced Tester Certification—Test Analyst training course expands on the test design techniques and methods introduced in the ISTQB® Foundation certification course. The course focuses on the key areas that are vital for successful test analysis and design: the testing process, test management, test design techniques, software quality characteristics, reviews, defect management and test tools. The course focuses on the key areas that are very important as per syllabus as well as for successful test management: the test management, standards, testing process, and test improvement processes, reviews, defect management, test tools & automation, incident management, and people skills. It is very tough to prepare for the exam by yourself because of the lack of ISTQB® Advanced Level Test Analyst resources but this course is here to help you overcome this issue. I have included everything you might need to know to understand the syllabus of the CTAL-TA fully. We have made this lengthy syllabus interesting and concise. Different designs and objectives have been used to present the points in precise manner. As self training for advanced level certification is really difficult, this course has been crafted specifically to help the wanna be Certified Test Analysts. We have included explanations to every topic in separate short videos plus sample questions for you to practice for the exam, The course is filled with hands-on exercises to help you practice the methods and techniques taught in this course. Video explanations of the sample questions of why and how to pick the right answer in a short time.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wishing to gain the ISTQB® Advanced Level Test Analyst Testers Business analysts Domain testers, customer and users

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