You are currently viewing The ultimate flutter development tutorial free course

The ultimate flutter development tutorial free course

Master the flutter and dart basics and start writing code

What you’ll learn

  • how to setup the development environment
  • dart programming language fundamentals
  • flutter framework fundamentals for mobile
  • be able to start writing code on your own

Course content

1 total hour


  • a laptop and internet connection
  • a MacOS ( ONLY if you want iOS development )


The goal of this course is to put you on the right path through explaining what actually matters and it’s totally free so don’t hesitate to enroll right now!

you are going to learn the most important aspects of flutter and dart and by the end of this course I promise you will have solid knowledge and you would be able to write flutter and dart code freely on your own after if you are truly dedicated and  once the course is ready so you can get our premium course enriched with many practical examples and projects and assignments so you can become a master of mobile app development using flutter and cross platform development in general we will not be limited by time then we will explain to you all you will ever need to write flutter and dart code as a professional developer and land your dream job, work as a freelancer or create your own software that will impact the world!

in this course we have explained the following :

– installing flutter and dart for the first time

– writing your first hello world program in dart

– writing your first flutter app with scaffold

– running your first small flutter app with scaffold

– how app bar, bottom bar and body work

and more is coming everyday!

Who this course is for:

  • anyone with basic knowledge of computers and tech

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