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Non-secrets of a Successful Presentation

Learn from an acting top manager how to move your career forward & build a personal brand with the help of your slides

What you’ll learn

  • What “presentation” actually means
  • How to prepare correctly
  • How to make your message accessible and fun
  • How to do it yourself

Course content

1 total hour


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There is no way to escape a presentation – they are everywhere! At corporate meetings, in sales pitches, in product events. We’re always saying something, showing something, trying to convince and sell. And when we have a huge screen behind us, showing a picture that captivates the audience, mesmerizing them, the effect of our words should be even more powerful. But for some reason, this is rarely the case. Presentations end up dull and incoherent. Complicated slides confuse both the audience and the speaker. When I look at such presentations there is only one thought knocking inside the head, when is this gonna end. Despite that, we continue to attend meetings and conferences with boring presentations and, what’s worse – create them ourselves.

What’s the way around this? How can we bring back the original concept of slides to help us make future presentations stand out from the rest?

My name is Sergei Chernenko. I am a top manager in a large multinational corporation. For almost 20 years, I’ve been giving business presentations and mentoring colleagues on public speaking. During this time, I have come up with a few rules of my own that can help YOU radically change your life within the corporation by making YOUR presentations fascinating, interesting, and simply understandable. Regardless of whether you are a young executive or an experienced director, THESE skills will make you a more effective communicator, allowing you to confidently convey your ideas to colleagues, management, and investors.

A great presentation is not about just listening but about being heard. Not to cause a ripple, but to cause a splash!

Who this course is for:

  • Corporate employees looking to advance their careers
  • Startup entrepreneurs refining their investor pitches
  • College graduates starting their careers

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