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Couple Paintings Northern Lights with Acrylic

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Learn to paint easy romantic love couples under the northern lights, using sponge painting techniques!

What you’ll learn

  • Right acrylic painting supplies
  • Romantic couple paintings
  • Sponge techniques to create 3 different northern lights sky
  • Easy tricks to paint the perfect couple silhouettes

Course content

2 total hours


  • No painting experience necessary. This class is beginner friendly.
  • Just the basic acrylic paints, some canvas, and a kitchen sponge. You can see all the supplies required under resources.


Viewing the Northern Lights is on everyone’s bucket list. And there is nothing more romantic than gazing up at the unearthly colors dancing to a ballet against the dark starry sky, along with your special one.

If you have been dreaming of experiencing this wonderful view, paint it to manifest it in your life. Join me in this class and I’ll teach you how to paint the majestic Aurora Borealis in a very easy way, using the sponge technique and acrylic colors.


1. Acrylic Paints (listed below)
2. Canvas Paper / canvas board / stretched canvas
3. Brushes – Round brushes Size 6 & 1
4. Sponge
5. A plate – something to mix paint on
6. Water
7. Tissue paper
8. Scissors

Colors I used in this class:

1. Titanium White
2. Chrome Yellow
3. Orange
4. Pink
5. Dark Green
6. Black
7. Teal Blue
8. Burnt Sienna
9. Prussian Blue

In this class,

  1. You will learn to create some romantic couple paintings.

  2. Sponge techniques to create the northern lights sky.

  3. Easy tricks to create the perfect couple silhouettes on your paintings.

By the end of this class, you should feel confident in your ability to create couple paintings & northern lights.

I recommend this class for everybody – no prior art experience is necessary.

If u haven’t painted in a long time and want to brush up your skills or if you just want to paint pretty landscapes and feel good about your painting skills, or you want to impress your partner with your self-made valentine’s day postcard – this class is for you.

Look forward to seeing you in the class!

Who this course is for:

  • The step-by-step approach of this acrylic painting class can be followed by anyone and everyone.

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