You are currently viewing Learn Python for Beginners: Ultimate Programming Course!

Learn Python for Beginners: Ultimate Programming Course!

Learn Python from an Absolute Beginners level to Master level

What you’ll learn

  • Understand and Program with Data types
  • Understand and Program with Statements
  • Understand and Program with Loops
  • Understand and Program with Functions
  • Understand and Program with different Modules

Course content

1 total hour


  • No Programming Experience needed, You will master Python from a being a beginner


This class goes through everything you need to know about Python right from the beginning, It teaches, the fundamentals of Python and Creating your first cool Program!

By the end of the class each student should be able to confidently program with Python and understand the main cores of most programming languages. The student should also find it extremely easy to pick up any other modules in Python or other languages as this class will put you on that intermediate / confident level.

After some videos you will be asked to write a simple program on that videos topic, These programs will be very simple and is there to make sure your applying what you learnt.

However at the end of the class you will be asked to write a program which includes what youve learnt throughout the course.

A breif summary of the final Program:

  • Get a username and password from the user

  • Check it with the usernames and passwords in a txt file (like a Database)

  • If username and password is correct then access is granted

  • Have the option to change password, username and delete account

  • Have the option to create multiple accounts

  • Store data in each account and display it when access granted

Each episode is useful for understanding how to write this program. At the end the program will be developed and explained!.

Who this course is for:

  • People interested in programming, coding
  • Beginner Developers
  • Python Course from beginner to Master

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