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Master CSS3 and ReactJs by Developing 3 Projects

Learn CSS3, ReactJs, Fontawesome, Google fonts and Responsive web design by developing 3 real world projects

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn about CSS3 and its concepts
  • You will learn the about of React JS and creating frontend using reusable components
  • You will learn about static and dynamic routing in React JS
  • You will learn about Responsive Web Designing and Development
  • You will about Font Awesome and using Google fonts
  • We will develop 3 projects and learn every concepts of HTML, CSS and ReactJS
  • You will also learn about different debugging techniques
  • You will get complete source code of all 3 projects

Course content

6 total hours


  • Computer with Internet Access


In this course, you will learn all the concepts of CSS3 and ReactJs that will not only help you build real-world projects but also enable you to start thinking about how to design and develop a frontend that will be responsive and production-grade.

You will be learning all the basics of developing components in React and moving on to learning complex topics like static and dynamic routing.

We will be building 3 projects:

Project One – Responsive Portfolio Website

  • Project Layout Setup

  • Working on the Menu Outline

  • Styling the Menu section Part – 1

  • Styling the Menu section Part – 2

  • Styling the Menu section Part – 3

  • Styling the Body section Part – 1

  • Styling the Body section Part – 2

  • Making the website responsive

Project Two – Stylish Our Services Section

  • Setting up the skeleton

  • Working on the markup and layout

  • Working on styling and responsiveness

Project Three – Property Listing Marketplace website

  • Github-Repo-Local-Setup

  • Create-react-app

  • Code-Cleanup

  • Adding-Google fonts

  • React-How-it-works-VSC-Extension

  • Creating-TopBar-Component

  • Understanding-JSX

  • Styling-TopBar-Part-1

  • Styling-TopBar-Part-2

  • Adding-Fontawesome-Styling-TopBar-Part-3

  • Styling-TopBar-Part-4

  • Styling-TopBar-Part-5

  • Styling-TopBar-Part-6

  • Styling-Hero-Section-Part-1

  • Styling-Hero-Section-Part-2

  • Styling-Hero-Section-Part-3

  • Styling-Hero-Section-Part-4

  • Styling-Sidebar-Section-Part-1

  • Styling-Sidebar-Section-Part-2

  • Styling-Sidebar-Section-Part-3

  • Styling-Sidebar-Section-Part-4

  • Styling-Sidebar-Section-Part-5

  • Styling-Sidebar-Section-Part-6

  • Styling-Sidebar-Section-Part-7

  • Working on Listing Item component

  • Using CSS variables

  • Working on Listing Overview screen

  • Styling Listing Item category and time section

  • Styling Listing Item description section

  • Working on layout of Listing Detail component

  • Adding sidebar on Listing Detail page

  • Styling the Listing Detail page

  • Working on Listing Detail page meta data section

  • Styling the image section of Listing Detail page

  • Styling Title and Action section of Listing Page

  • Styling the Author and Post time section of Listing Detail page

  • Styling the Description section of Listing Detail page

  • Styling the first letter of Description on Listing Detail page

  • Setting up Layout for Create Listing page

  • Working on Create Listing page

  • Working on upload Icon on Create Listing page

  • Styling the Create Listing page

  • Installing React Router Dom library for routing between components

  • Adding Navigation and Routing for menu items

  • Dynamic navigation for showing property detail

You will also get the complete source code of all three projects that will help you take a reference whenever you want.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to become a Professional Frontend UI developer

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