You are currently viewing Master the Strategy Language for your IT Leadership Career

Master the Strategy Language for your IT Leadership Career

Learn the leadership language and showcase you are ready for the IT Leadership Job or promotion you deserve

What you’ll learn

  • Strategy is a language of leadership, and you will understand the top-down view of the Strategy and how it impacts project portfolios.
  • Understand the difference between Strategy vs. Tactical vs. Operational and how Strategy development differs from day-to-day operational work.
  • Learn about VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world we live in and how challenges influence organizations to develop strategic initiatives.
  • Learn about how business strategy cascades to IT Strategy and turns into Project portfolios and how Strategic management differs from Project Management.
  • You will see seven powerful questions which can be asked for any business transformation or technological initiative.

Course content

1 total hour


  • The only prerequisite is your interest in learning leadership strategy language to progress your career.


What differentiates a leader from an individual contributor is the language they use. Strategy language is a leader’s language, and it is universal. This importance of strategy language is even more important for any IT professional who wants to progress their career into IT Leadership roles – Manager, Director or CIO.

Learning strategy language gives you a top-down view and strategic vocabulary and influences your thinking style. You will be able to understand how the organization’s decisions are made and what influences them. With this, you will be able to talk the leadership talks to your supervisors and customers. Your leaders can notice the difference in you and recognize your readiness for the leadership promotion you deserve.

Additionally, in this course, you will learn seven strategic power questions that can be used in planning sessions or project meetings. You will also see a case study example of a Furniture company and how these seven questions can be applied to the challenge the company is facing with customer satisfaction.

No matter what level you are at present, learning this Strategy language makes you more valuable in your team and department. You can use this language in your day-to-day meetings; you can ask questions that sounds so smart and thoughtful and gives you the immediate recolonization you seek.

Who this course is for:

  • IT Professionals with the passion to grow in their career into an IT Manager to IT Director to VP or a CIO
  • Anyone who wants to stay successful and advance their career in the Digital World
  • Anyone who wants to understand the business transformation drivers and success factors
  • Anyone who wants how business strategy influences IT strategy and projects

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