You are currently viewing The 2022 Exhaustive Android App Development Course with Java

The 2022 Exhaustive Android App Development Course with Java

This is the 2022 Exhaustive Android App Development Course! Check out the description for more details below.

What you’ll learn

  • Gain an understanding of Java, and how to apply it to Android Development
  • Acquire a strong foundation of Android Studio, and how it works
  • Create basic android apps using widgets and RecyclerView
  • Design Android Apps to look appealing for the user
  • Develop complex apps by applying firebase & other libraries
  • Learn to publish your own app to the Google Play Store

Course content

4 total hours


  • No prior programming experience or familiarity with Android App Development required.


An exhaustive course on android app development w/Java containing:

  • Basic Java Fundamentals required for learning Android App Development

  • A complete walkthrough of Android Studio

  • Develop simple android apps with in-built features of Android Studio

  • Working with Firebase and integrating it into your Android Apps

  • Develop more complex android apps using different API’s & libraries

  • Creating apps which look appealing to the user

  • Publishing your own app on the Google Play Store

  1. First off, we’re going to dive into Java. We’ll learn about ArrayLists, loops, logical operators, objects/classes, and also do a quick quiz to test your understanding of the content.

  2. Next, we’re going to break-down Android Studio. The platform may look intimidating at first, but once we go through each part of it, step-by-step, it becomes a lot easier to understand. We’ll look at what each file does/how to use it, views, layouts, and implementing java(from the previous section) into Android App Development.

  3. It’s time for our first app–the calculator app! We’ll be developing a complete calculator, with functions like dividing, multiplying, subtracting, and adding. We’ll get our first glance at designing the UI in Android Apps–which is quite fun!

  4. Before we develop the social media app–a complicated, intricate app–we’ll need to gain a foundation of Firebase. Hence, we’ll be breaking down what exactly Firebase is, and how we can use it to our advantage in Android App Development.

  5. Finally, we’ll be developing our social media app. Comprising of several, broken-down lectures, it will allow you to understand how complex apps are developed. We’ll also be talking about how to publish your own app to the Google Play Store, so you can start applying your new knowledge right away!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner programmers with little, or no familiarity in programming.
  • Prior developers curious to expand their knowledge and learn about Android App Development

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