You are currently viewing 【2023 Latest】200-301 CCNA: CCNA Exam Preparation (541Q)

【2023 Latest】200-301 CCNA: CCNA Exam Preparation (541Q)

Get ready for the CCNA exam through our CCNA mock exam course. Our 6 mock exams cover the entire range of exam topics.

What you’ll learn

  • Associate-level IT network skills that are essential for network infrastructure companies
  • Knowledge about Cisco products
  • System management using Cisco products
  • System operation using Cisco products

Course content

541 questions


  • Over 1 year of Cisco solution implementation and management experience is recommended
  • Basic IP address knowledge


CCNA is an internationally recognized certification exam conducted by Cisco Systems. Evaluate and sharpen your skillset as an IT network professional. Through completing our 6 mock exams, you will have sufficient knowledge and familiarity with the necessary exam content needed to pass the official exam. Our mock exam content corresponds to the latest official exam updates.

To obtain the CCNA certification, you will need to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding in a wide range of IT career foundations based on the latest networking techniques, software skills, and practical use-cases.

The CCNA exam asks questions in the following areas:

– Network Fundamentals (20%)

– Network Access (20%)

– IP Connectivity (25%)

– IP service (10%)

– Automation and Programmability (10%)

– Security Fundamentals (15%)

This collection of practice questions has been designed to match the latest official CCNA test questions as close as possible. However, the following question formats cannot be facilitated in Udemy’s test environment:

– Simulation questions (e.g appropriate cable placement, selecting a port from a list of protocols, etc.)

As Udemy cannot implement simulation questions like these, we have substituted them with a multi-choice question format. Due to Udemy’s specifications, the format of these questions will not be exactly the same, but the tested knowledge will be identitcal. The content of these exams match the official content as close as possible. Use this course to freely test your understanding and readiness for the official CCNA exam.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to acquire basic knowledge as a network engineer
  • Those who are engaged in infrastructure / network relevant careers
  • IT engineers
  • Those who require CCNA qualification

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