You are currently viewing 5 Figure Canva Freelancing 2023 – Passive Income W/ Design

5 Figure Canva Freelancing 2023 – Passive Income W/ Design

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Passive income 2022 W/ Canva Freelance Design – Master Canva Design to Create and Sell digital Assets or as a Freelancer

What you’ll learn

  • Master Youtube Thumbnail creation using the FREE version of Canva
  • Master creating Podcast thumbnails
  • Learn how to create Online Course thumbnails
  • You’ll learn how to create and sell Ebook cover designs & Mockups as a Freelance designer
  • Master Low content Book creation using Canva & Creative Fabrica to Sell Books on KDP
  • You’ll learn to write the Sales Copy for Cold Email Outreach
  • Secret TIPS to spy on the competition’s customers
  • Bulk Email Outreach using Automation for FREE
  • How to create and Publish the gig on Fiverr.

Course content

5 total hours


  • Computer & Internet
  • Basic Canva design skills


Passive income 2022 W/ Canva Freelance Design – Master Canva Design to Create and Sell digital Assets or as a Freelancer.

In this course, I reveal the secret to using canva to its fullest potential and quickly turning it into a succesful online business.

Canva is a beautiful design software that gets better since many people are using canva daily to freelance and sell digital assets online!

I do not promise you wealth, but you will learn new skills that you can utilize right after taking this course, and more importantly, You will acquire new design skills.

The digital world is continuously growing, as is the need for designs.

Here is just a list of the Digital products that you can create using Canva:

  • Low content Books

  • T-Shirt designs

  • Budget Planners

  • Journals

  • Youtube thumbnails

  • Online Course images

  • Podcast thumbnails

  • Ebook Covers

  • Mockups

  • etc…

You can sell a wide variety of products once you learn how to use canva to its full potential, which is what this course was designed for!

This course is concise yet powerful since it teaches you how to create many digital products mentioned above.

In this course, you will also learn how to spy on the competition, write an email cold sales script to do cold email outreach to prospects, and find opportunities using a SECRET Method.

We will also cover how to send the cold email outreach.

Design is one of the fewest business models that doesn’t require a preliminary budget to launch.

  • You can start with a Zero dollar Budget!

  • You don’t need to Carry Stocks!

You only need a computer, internet, and CANVA (You can use the FREE version).

This course will take you from canva ZERO to HERO in no time. It will also reveal all possible ways to monetize your skill online with practical lectures.

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals looking for a Side hustle or a part time Freelance opportunity to earn money Online
  • Design & Freelance enthusiasts seeking to learn new design skills
  • Upgrade your Canva design skills and open yourself up to New Opportunities

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