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Introduction to Windows PowerShell 5.1

Install PowerShell 5.1, Understand PowerShell Syntax, Setup a PowerShell IT lab, Manage Active Directory with Powershell

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the Powershell command line
  • How to write Powershell scripts to automate redundant tasks
  • Install and Update Windows PowerShell
  • Learn the Basics of Windows PowerShell 5.1
  • Introduction to the Text Based Console and Intelligent Scripting Environment (ISE)
  • Utilize the PowerShell Help System
  • Finally Understand PowerShell Syntax
  • Understand Objects, Properties and Methods
  • Understand the PowerShell Pipeline
  • Create and Manage Active Directory Users with PowerShell
  • Create and Delete Organizational Units with PowerShell

Course content

7.5 total hours


  • The ability to run or install Windows Powershell


This course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation of Windows PowerShell 5.1. We will start with the basics of PowerShell 5.1 and end with you writing your own powerful automation scripts.

In this course we will cover the following major topics:

  • The basics of Windows PowerShell

  • Windows PowerShell system requirements

  • Installing and Updating Windows PowerShell

  • How to use the CLI (Command Line Interface)

  • How to use the ISE (Intelligent Scripting Environment)

  • How to get help and find commands within the CLI

  • Getting Started with Windows PowerShell

  • Getting Help and Finding Commands

  • The Language of PowerShell – Command Syntax, Objects and Properties, and the Pipeline

  • Setup your own PowerShell On Premises IT Lab

  • Basic Active Directory Domain Administration with Windows Powershell

  • An introduction to Desired State Configuration made simple!

  • And MUCH more!

Once we have covered this foundation, we will move on to writing PowerShell scripts. We will start with simple tasks before moving on to more advanced and complicated script writing.

Who this course is for:

  • Help Desk Professionals that would like to automate redundant tasks
  • Beginners and experienced Powershell administrators who would like to sharpen their IT coding skills

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