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Microsoft 365 Cloud Security Administration – Hands On

Learn Cloud Security Administration by installing and creating your own Windows 365 Cloud-based Subscription

What you’ll learn

  • Get Answers – Start with the basics – What is a Tenant, Domain, organization and a Subscription?
  • Learn how Microsoft Defender protects our Applications, Endpoints (devices), Identities and our Data
  • Develop your Hands-on Cloud Administration skills by:
  • Setting up and configuring your free Microsoft 365 E5 Lab
  • installing and configuring your Virtual machines (VM’s)
  • Learning to use the MS 365 admin center, Azure AD, Endpoint Manager, MS 365 Defender admin centers
  • Learning to use the Compliance, Exchange, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Admin centers
  • Setting up MDM Automatic enrollment (Intune) and a Enrollment restriction
  • Investigating User and Group management, learn how and when to use different groups, how to create a template
  • Using PowerShell and a CSV to create ten or a hundred users
  • Onboarding your devices into Defender for Endpoint, by Creating a Endpoint Detection and Response policy
  • Learning App management – Installing Company Portal App, Create and deploy MSI, EXE, MS 365 Apps
  • Using Secure Score, with little experience you can easily increase your organizations security posture
  • Learning Application Protection – Create Safe Attachments, Antimalware policies
  • Protecting your Endpoints by setting up a Safe Links, Antivirus, and a Attack Surface Reduction Policy
  • Protecting your Identity by configuring MFA for admins and users, Conditional Access, User & Sign-in policies
  • Learning Data Protection by creating and setting up Sensitivity Labels, Encryption
  • Protecting your Data by Setting up, configuring and testing Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
  • Learning Autopilot – Configure the Enrollment Status page, Company Branding, Deployment Profile
  • Using AutoPilot – Creating a CSV using PowerShell, Device Registration, performing a Windows Reset
  • Completing Section Quizzes and Student assignments for all 7 sections

Course content

6 total hours


  • Computer with internet access
  • No previous Microsoft experience required for this course


This course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation for Windows 365 Cloud Network & Security Administration. We call it “Hands-On” because you will learn by completing the following tasks. Here is a description of each section in the course.

  • Section 1 – The Introduction – Describes the Microsoft 365 Plans that are available, as well as basic cloud terminology.

  • Section 2 – Microsoft Defender Services Overview – Describes how your Microsoft 365 E5 subscription protects your Applications, Endpoints, Identity and Data. Describes the differences between On-Premises, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS infrastructure models. Describes the differences between the Microsoft 365 and Azure cloud solutions.

  • Section 3 – Lab creation – Describes the set up and configuration of your free trial Office 365 E5 subscription, then adding a Microsoft 365 E5 license to that subscription. Setup Multi-Factor-Authentication on your phone, setup your virtual machines, install Windows on your VM’s

  • Section 4 – Describes user and group management, user templates, creating multiple users using a CSV file. Using PowerShell to limit group creation. When, where and how to use groups. Defining Roles

  • Section 5 – Device Onboarding – Describes onboarding by connecting your devices between Intune and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and creating a Detect and respond policy that automates this process. Creating a Next Generation Antivirus, Attack Surface Reduction Policy. Demonstrates the results from the client VM.

  • Section 6 – App Management – Demonstrates how to create and deploy applications like the Company portal app, 7-zip.msi, TeamViewer.exe, Notepad ++.exe.
    How to add Microsoft 365 Apps automatically and manually to your installation.  How to deploy these apps based upon the rules that you setup for your users and devices. Creating Security Groups, Dynamic User Groups,

  • Section 7 – Tenant Defense – Describes how to use Secure Score to easily increase the security score of your organization. Demonstrates how to Block Legacy Apps. Setup Multi-Factor-Authentication for admins and users, Conditional Access policies, setup User-risk and sign-in policies. How to use the Sign-in and Audit-logs.

    Setup Safe Links policy, Safe Attachments policy, Antimalware policy.

    Creating and testing Sensitivity Labels. Configure Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps (setup Cloud App Security). Demonstrate blocking unauthorized applications.

  • Section 8 – AutoPilot – The best way to deliver “New Computers to the User”. Better than Configuration Manager, better than MDT!!

    Describes the required licenses, configuring the Enrollment status page, Company branding, Deployment profile.

    You will learn how to perform a device registration, a Windows 10 reset.

    With Autopilot you will join the VM to Intune and Azure AD, applying Multi-Factor-Authentication, install eleven apps, four policies and 2 profiles all automatically and successfully deployed. 

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners looking to learn MS365, IT Pros who administer MS365 Cloud Security and want to take their skills further.
  • Or a Student, looking for complementary study material for the MS-500 Certification.
  • Anyone looking to add hands-on MS365 experience to their resume to gain a higher paying position.

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