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Fast Weight loss diets

Lose weight fast with Quick / FAD diets

What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn what are FAD Diets.
  • Students will learn the mechanism of FAD Diets
  • Students will learn many detox FAD Diet Plans
  • Students will learn advantages and disadvantages of FAD Diets
  • Students will learn how to plan and do FAD Diets

Course content

37 total mins


  • One should know basics of doing a diet and should be well versed about precautions during any diet.
  • These diets are for healthy, balanced individuals of age group 18 to 35
  • People with complications like PCOD, Diabetes, Thyroid disorders, mental illness, cancer, inflammation, rheumatoid, backache, skin disorders, allergy conditions, eating disorders, bed ridden, etc diseases should NEVER do these diets.
  • Precautions should be thoroughly followed.
  • If one feels wekaness, fainting, mental problems, irritation, allergy or digestive problems, they should immediately STOP the diet plan.


This course comprises of basics of FAD Diets, their definition, mechanism and detailed description too. These are generally for age group 18 to 35 years with no major disease or complication or disorder. FAD Diets are not for everyone, they ought to be done by healthy people who are learned, literate, well balanced and have a sensible mindset. Step by step FAD Diets are covered. Initially single ingredient FAD Diets are given and explained. These are generally serving the purpose of Detox diets. These are followed by longer duration and multiple Ingredients FAD Diets. These diets can be done for a little longer duration and as they include multiple ingredients, their compliance is better than detox diets. In another following sections, some fun and rare ingredient FAD Diets are explained which also help to quickly lose some weight. All diets are fully equipped with information about ingredients, precautions, possible deficiencies, time duration of diet and approximate expected weight loss. Hence all in all, if done in a knowledgeable, well balanced and sensible mindset and manner, these diets can help to lose weight fast and even aid in weight loss for sustained longer time periods and also useful in weight maintenance.

Who this course is for:

  • Healthy, well balanced and sensible mindset individuals looking forward to lose some weight quickly
  • Balanced minded obese people with good will power and utter patience, to sensibly lose weight with help of medical personnel following these diets

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