You are currently viewing 400+ TOEFL & IELTS Words: Advanced English Vocabulary

400+ TOEFL & IELTS Words: Advanced English Vocabulary

Essential advanced words for TOEFL preparation, plus exams like the IELTS, PTE and CAE. Improve your English vocabulary!

What you’ll learn

  • Achieve a higher score in all sections of the TOEFL (reading, writing, listening and speaking)
  • Substantially improve your vocabulary
  • Learn words that native speakers know, but that English learners often don’t learn
  • Learn to express yourself better with more precise vocabulary and collocations

Course content

9 total hours


  • At least an intermediate level of English (B1 is fine, but B2 or higher is recommended)
  • An eagerness to learn new things!


Are you preparing for the TOEFL or another English exam? Or do you feel like your English vocabulary is not getting better? If so, this is the right course for you!

This is an ideal course for exam preparation. These words are essential for the TOEFL, but most of the topics are also useful if you are preparing for tests like the IELTS, PTE or CAE. As these are all normal English words (that aren’t just used in exams!), this course is really for all English learners who would like to expand their vocabulary.

These are words that nearly all adult native speakers know, but that English learners often don’t learn because they aren’t words that we use every day. Those words can be hard to remember because of a lack of repetition and that is why many people stagnate when they learn a foreign language. This course makes it easy to learn new words fast!

The course includes:
definitions of each word
word families (words with the same root)
usage tips
example sentences
audio files for revision that you can download and listen to when you’re doing other things
pdf sheets for note taking

The aim of this course is not just to give you a list of words, but to help you remember the words! The key to remembering is repetition, which is why you will see or hear each word multiple times in varied ways (in the lectures, quizzes and audio files).

Please note: This course is not for beginners. It is aimed at students who already have an intermediate to advanced level.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in improving their English vocabulary (These are all regular English words that aren’t just used in exams!)
  • Students who plan on taking the TOEFL
  • Students who are preparing for other exams such as the IELTS, CAE and PTE

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