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Converging Divinely in Marriage

Treating Differently What you Want to Last Forever

What you’ll learn

  • How to “Treat” your spouse
  • 4 Musts in a successful marriage
  • All about the 3rd divine dimension
  • The Inspired Mindset in Marriage
  • Healthy Marriage Characteristics
  • How to have a good “yard”
  • How to build a strong foundation to your tower
  • How love expands like a Flower
  • How the reigning King and Queen make it
  • Forever Marriage Meditation
  • Forging a divine eternal union

Course content

2 total hours


  • If you are married or plan to marry, this course will greatly help you.
  • A willingness to believe in the power of God in your marriage.


What do you hold precious? How do you treat this precious thing differently than other things? How would you treat a spouse you want to hold precious forever?

In “Converging Divinely in Marriage: Treating differently what you want to last forever,” we’ll talk about…

A nymph, an ogre, and a pair of Phoenix birds.

We’ll discuss how love is like a flower, a tower, a bubble, a tech device, a fighting match, and a lawn of grass. As well as the 4 must-haves in marriage.

We’ll talk of Thanatos passion, of primitives and ambassadors, the 30-day husband challenge, of the ultimate reign of the king and queen, with God in the mix.

…And all along the way, date and dessert ideas to keep things hot with your honey.

I have the delightful opportunity and mission of summarizing takeaways of the experts’ findings and experience and merging them together into an enjoyable course on how to love your honey more.

And add almost 30 years of my own marriage experience!

This course is divided as follows:

Intro: Meet a boy and a girl and their surprise find in the magical forest as they begin a wonderful journey together.

Section 10 gems: Find out how to make a marriage worthy of the eternities!

Gem #1: You treat differently what you want to last forever

Discover the perfect analogy of how to treat your spouse!

Gem #2: A marriage is equally proportionate to your investment.

Learn the top 4 marriage advice points–from the true experts!

Gem #3: See your part in marriage with new eyes.

Let’s “look” at the real 3rd dimension in marriage.

Gem #4: Approach marriage from an inspired mindset.

Connect the fixed, growth and inspired mindset in marriage.

Gem #5: Love and respect go hand in hand in hand.

What does a good marriage really look like, and how is preparing for marriage like a ropes course?

Gem #6: To be treated like a queen, you expect it, teach it, nurture it.

Find out how to make your yard/marriage as good as your neighbors’.

Gem #7: Healthy Loving Recognizes Balances

Learn the 4 block essentials of a successful marriage balance.

Gem #8: Love expands like a flower.

Let’s take a deep dive into truly loving and how we’re wired for love.

Gem # 9: A king fights for his queen.

Find out about Warrior Chemistry and 12 ways to love more divinely.

Forever Marriage Meditation: What would a delightful forever union feel like? Settle in for this dreamy depiction.

Gem #10: You must become a Real Goddess.

Loving your potential God-Husband as an eventual Real Goddess

Oh, and get excited for my favorite cookie recipe for you to share together after some great massages!

Who this course is for:

  • If you are married or plan to marry, this course will greatly help you.

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