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Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

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How to create and support an Inclusive Culture

What you’ll learn

  • Diversity challenges
  • Strategies for implementing a D&I culture
  • Best practices for inclusive policies
  • HR support practices
  • Examples

Course content

40 total mins


  • No prerequisites needed


Diversity & Inclusion isn’t any far-fetched dream or an additional competency for an employer or an employee, it’s the need of the hour and a required skill.

A diverse workforce is a mirror image of a changing world and marketplace. Diverse work teams bring high value to organizations. Respecting individual differences in your team will benefit the workplace by creating a competitive edge and increasing work productivity. You will feel yourself blessed when Diversity management benefits your people by creating a fair and safe environment where everyone has access to opportunities and challenges. You should educate everyone about diversity and its issues, including laws and regulations as a Management tools in a diverse workforce. Most workplaces are made up of diverse cultures, so your organizations need to learn how to adapt to be successful.

What you will get:

Diversity Challenges

Diversity Benefits

Strategies for implementing a D&I Culture

How to create an inclusive workplace

What might be the HR contribution

Having a diverse workplace can bring positive alterations to the organization, but it also introduces new challenges, and these challenges can sometimes be extremely inconvenient and damaging to the entire organization, but if taken right measures they can be avoided.

Inclusive listening credits participants’ experiences, supporting them to have the conversation in an authentic way. It acknowledges participants’ feelings, their values, their opinions and classifies topic of conversation or decision making in a neutral way to prepare for collaborative problem solving.

It recognizes people, specifically and personally, for their work, their unique contributions and supports their efforts and growth. This motivates and elevate the sense of personal accomplishment for the workforce. Inclusive organizations generate more cash flow per employee, more revenue, and are more capable of meeting financial targets.

Who this course is for:

  • Human Resources Managers
  • HRBP
  • HR Associates
  • Regular employees
  • SM Experts
  • Team Leads
  • Managers

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