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Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure BUNDLE 2023

Azure Bootcamp with multiple Projects on Microsoft Azure. Learn all Azure cloud services

What you’ll learn

  • On completion of this course you would be able to develop and deploy your applications over Microsoft Azure.
  • Having command over large number of options, services and tools available on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.
  • Learn about storage services like BloB, StorSimple, Disk, File, Table, Backup, Data Lake, Queue, and Archive with practical exercises and projects.
  • Learn about networking services like DNS, Firewall, Traffic Manager, ExpressRoute, Virtual WAN, Vnet (Virtual Network), NSG ( Network Security Group)
  • Learn about containers services like Docker, Kubernetes, Service Fabric Cluster, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Container Instances and Container Registry
  • Learn about analytics services like HDInsight, Apache Spark, Jupyter, Zappelin, Stream Analytics, Lake Analytics, Data Bricks.
  • Learn about devops services like azure board, artifacts, repos, pipelines, test plans, and much more
  • Learn about security and Cloud migration Azure services
  • Learn about Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence related services like computer vision, natural language understanding, content moderator, translator,

Course content

18.5 total hours


  • No prerequisites at all. But if you are aware of some cloud based or web development tools and technologies, it is helpful.


Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular Cloud Computing platforms with wide range of tools and services that are remotely accessible from anywhere in the world. It has never been so easy to integrate almost any kind of application with wide array of technology based cloud services, with massive scalability, elasticity, fault tolerance and cost effective. Currently, Azure is the fastest growing Cloud Computing platform, that is expected to overtake AWS very soon in terms of market share. So, if you are already familiar with AWS or you are just starting with Azure, this course could provide you comprehensive learning (with roughly 18 hours of content) on a large number of cloud services with hands-on practical examples on Microsoft Azure. You will be introduced to Azure in the first few sections, followed by a very detailed learning on various categories such as Storage, Database, Machine Learning, Security, etc. And if you spend your time wisely on learning Microsoft Azure cloud services, you could easily learn Azure in 30 days.

This course will provide you a complete coverage of Microsoft Azure, and you would be in a better position to qualify the skillset required in various Azure Certification exams. At the end of various section in this course, you can test your skills by attempting the Quiz. This way you could get prepared for real life scenarios and certification exams. You would be learning following Services in different categories:

Azure Storage-           BloB, File, Disk, Table, Queue, Data Lake, StorSimple, Archive, Backup.

Azure Container-      Docker, Kubernetes, Container Registry, AKS, Container Instance, Service Fabric Cluster

Azure Networking-   DNS, Traffic Manager, Firewall, ExpressRoute, Virtual WAN, NSG  (Network Security Group), VNet

Azure Database-         SQL Database, CosmosDB, Data Warehouse

Azure Machine Learning-   Computer Vision, Custom Vision, Content Moderator, Translate, Text Analysis

Azure Chatbot-          Simple, Web, Facebook, QnA, LUIS

Azure Analytics-        Stream Analytics, HDInsight, Lake Analytics, Data Explorer, Databricks

Azure DevOps-             Boards, Artifact, Repos, Pipelines, Test Plan, Tool Integration, DevTest Labs, Application Insight, Azure Organisation

Azure Security-           Security Centre, Azure Active Directory,  VPN Gateway, DDoS Protection, Key Vaults, Dedicated HSM, Application            Gateways, Sentinel, Information Protection

Azure Migration-     Site Recovery, Database Migration, Migrate, Migration Project, DataBox

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a popular cloud computing platform where we can provision a variety of cloud services for various domains and application.

You would be learning concepts and methodologies with practical exercises. This course consists of multiple Projects on various topics.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who just wants to learn and test Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform or any developer willing to develop his/her application over Microsoft Azure.
  • Anyone who want to make a career in Cloud Computing, by developing Professional skills on Microsoft Azure.

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