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Awaken the Leader Within

Masterclass for Leaders and Managers

What you’ll learn

  • Define leadership
  • How to cultivate the qualities of leadership in you
  • What are the lesser known traits of leaders
  • Case studies of successful leaders

Course content

4.5 total hours


  • Now requirement


Leadership is like an iceberg whose tiny part is visible to the world while most of the iceberg is hidden inside the water.

The course “Awaken the Leader Within: Masterclass for Leaders and Managers” is a unique course that provides you a holistic view of leadership. We learn in this course not only the positive traits of the leaders, which are well known and discussed widely but also their evil sides, which are usually concealed and unknown to the world.

This course is based on my practical learning as a leader as well as learning from numerous other leaders.

We shall learn in this course the concept of leadership, the benefits of being a leader and how leaders are different from the followers and the ordinary people.

We will then learn the essential traits of leaders like the 10 Timeless Leadership Lessons, 10 Things that Leaders Always Do, 10 Golden Rules for Administrators and 7 Deadly Enemies of success to achieve success and avoid failure.

This course will make you understand the qualities of Leaders and the practical steps for Developing the Leadership Qualities like Integrity, Impartiality, Objectivity, Emotional Intelligence, Initiative, Decision-making and Courage. We shall also discuss the dilemmas faced by leaders and their step-by-step resolution.

The most important feature of this course is the discussion on the hidden qualities of leaders which are unknown to most people, but without which it is impossible to succeed as a leader. Finally, we shall learn the keys to sustainable leadership.

By using the lessons in this course, you can become a leader in any walk of life, in any organisation, whether in business, government or politics. You can readily use these lessons in your life and become the leader that you always aspired to be.

Who this course is for:

  • All people

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