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Colorful Acrylic Painting: All Levels

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Paint vibrantly and confidently with my easy steps, and create 5 beautiful paintings from filtered photos!

What you’ll learn

  • Paint with the most vibrant colors
  • Paint easily and accurately
  • Bold, intentional brushwork
  • Paint Sunflowers
  • Paint a Pink Cloud Over a Lake
  • Paint a Glass of Berries
  • Paint a Pot of Grass
  • Paint a Highway Landscape
  • Learn to Finish the Painting Like a Pro

Course content

2 total hours


  • A little painting experience will help
  • 6 specific bottles of paint and other basic supplies


This course uses my own colors and techniques for vibrant, luminous paintings!

I want it to be easy for you, regardless of your skill level, which is why I include lessons on preparing the canvas with a tracing and filtering the photo references (provided) so they are easy to paint from.

I’ll guide you step by step using my fail-proof process:

STEP 1 Gather your supplies and download the photo reference

STEP 2 Prepare your canvas

STEP 3 Cover the canvas with the underpainting

STEP 4 Paint the darks while looking at the photo

STEP 5 Paint the opaque lights while looking at the photo

STEP 6 Paint the midtones while looking at the photo


  1. Studio Prep & Process

    1. Supplies and Studio Tour with canvas prep

    2. Color Mixing with Guide

    3. Advanced Color Mixing with Color Wheel

    4. Finishing and Presentation

    5. How to Filter Your Own Photos

    5 Fun Tutorials with Photo References Downloads:

  2. Color Sunflowers

  3. Pink Storm Clouds

  4. Post of Grass

  5. Berries in a Glass

  6. Highway Landscape

Every minute you spend painting makes you a better artist and a calmer person!

You can do this and I am active on Udemy to answer any questions!


I’m Maria from Maria Morris Art and I paint full time and sell my prints on Etsy. I love helping artists boost their color, boost their confidence and find their artistic voice.

I painted full time before having children, selling over 100 watercolors while living in South America. Now that I’m an empty-nester, I’m back at it but with fluid and semi-transparent and opaque acrylics!

I hope you enjoy the course and paint your most vibrant paintings!

Who this course is for:

  • Acrylic painters who want more pure color and accuracy
  • Artists who want to begin again
  • Painters who want to switch to Acrylics

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