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SQL for Data Analysis: Complete SQL Course for Beginners

SQL Course for Absolute Beginners

What you’ll learn

  • What is SQL and Why we need SQL?
  • Data Selection in SQL (Basic SQL)
  • Data Filtration (Basic SQL)
  • Data Aggregation with SQL (Intermediate SQL)
  • Windows Functions in SQL (Advanced SQL)

Course content

1 total hour


  • Basic understanding of what are programming languages.
  • Basic understanding of SQL and its role in databases.


SQL for Data Analysis: Complete SQL Course for Beginners is designed to equip individuals with the fundamentals of SQL and its applications in data analysis. The course provides a comprehensive overview of SQL, including topics such as data retrieval, data manipulation, and data aggregation. Participants will learn how to query data from databases,  sort and filter data, and summarize large data sets using aggregate functions.

The course covers all the fundamental concepts and skills you need to start working with SQL, including databases, data retrieval, data manipulation, data aggregation, and more. With step-by-step tutorials, real-world examples, and quizzes, you will learn how to use SQL to effectively extract, analyze, and manipulate data. Here are the things that will be taught to you in this course:

  1. Learn the Fundamentals of SQL (Basic structure of a SQL query and data selection)

  2. Discover How to Use SQL for Data Manipulation (Data manipulation in a SQL query)

  3. Master the Power of SQL for Data Aggregation (Aggregate functions, String manipulation)

  4. Explore Advanced SQL Techniques for Data Analysis (Window Functions, Sub Queries)

Whether you are new to SQL or looking to enhance your skills, this course is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their SQL skills and advance their career. Join the Complete SQL Course for Beginners today and start your journey towards becoming a proficient SQL developer and advance in your career.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner data scientists, data engineers or SQL enthusiast who wants to learn SQL

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