You are currently viewing The Beginner’s Guide to Long-Term Investing:

The Beginner’s Guide to Long-Term Investing:

All You Need to Get Started Today

What you’ll learn

  • Gain a basic knowledge of Long-Term investing
  • Know what things to consider when you first start investing
  • Understand the differences between certain types on investments
  • Identify what steps to take to begin investing
  • Learn to recognize how to make decisions to improve your financial intelligence

Course content

33 total mins


  • No prior knowledge of investing is needed.
  • Open-mindedness and a willingness to learn
  • It’s recommended that this course be taken on a tablet, laptop, or computer.
  • No additional materials are required to take this course.


This lecture based course is for anyone wanting to quickly gain the basic, applicable knowledge needed to begin investing for the long term. In this presentation I thoroughly cover some of the most common definitions surrounding investing, the differences in types of investments, and some of the widely used investing procedures in long term investing. Here, I focus mostly on informing you on what things you will need to consider for when you first start long term investing. Briefly expanding on that, I go over topics such as:

  • What is Investing

  • Why You Should Invest

  • Things to Consider

  • Different Asset Classes

  • Basics of the Buy and Hold

  • Dollar-Cost Averaging

  • Brokerages

  • Future Learning

And so much more. Uniquely, I also talk about concerns that are not widely covered and can usually be much more personal and specific to the average individual wanting to establish their own personal financial goals. I specifically wanted to keep this course short and simple in hopes that any and everyone can set aside a quick 30 to 40 minutes to focus on the information in front of you. Headphones are recommended but not necessary. You are also able to complete this course at your own pace, there are no requirements for when completion is achieved.

**Disclaimer** I am not a professional in any way. Everything in this course comes from my own personal understandings and opinions.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for anyone who wants to quickly gain the basic, applicable knowledge needed to begin long-term investing.

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