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The Carol Sue Engleman/Angelhair Solveres Store Orientation

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Successful Solutions

What you’ll learn

  • To understand the Solveres mission.
  • To understand how Solveres works.
  • To understand the Solveres presentation.
  • To understand the Solveres company meeting availability.

Course content

36 total mins


  • The opportunity to learn about the Solveres opportunity as a free user.


The Solveres Mission is to Secure Your Future, Empower Consumers, Market Your Business & Customer Acquisition, and make a difference by bringing value to your Organization. To market your current business for customer acquisition, secure your future with residual income from your Solveres Business, and make a difference by adding value to your life with our Solutions!


Solveres means “Solutions” in Latin. We are a membership with benefits and solutions company whose aim is to add significant value to your life. Our skillfully crafted services and turnkey systems are commonly used by people and businesses around the world. All of our services are either unique, exclusive, or provide you a great value.

We’ve developed the best partnerships in the industry and provide them to you at a fraction of the cost, then if you purchased them individually from other companies. We have a wide array of money-saving solutions from health, dental, and vision benefits to real estate benefits, prescription savings, business solutions, and the best solar power solutions and prices. With much more to come, we’ve taken all of this and aggregated it into a single membership that provides real money-saving solutions, virtually impossible to match anywhere else.

Every service, product, and solution is backed by and supported by industry-leading professionals with long histories of proving to be the best in their respective fields.

Who this course is for:

  • All Udemy learning platform users who want to learn about the Solveres opportunity.

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