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Three Steps to Become a PRO Forex Trader

Forex trading – Became a PRO in three steps – Technical analysis, Fundamental analysis and Money Management

What you’ll learn

  • What is Technical Analysis
  • What is support and resistance zones
  • How to trade support and resistance zones
  • What is Fundamental analysis
  • What is Economic calendar and how to use it in trading
  • Understanding of importance of Money Management
  • Money management strategy

Course content

2 total hours


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Three Steps to Become a PRO Forex Trader

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Step 1

Step 1 is dedicated to the basic concepts when it comes to Forex Trading. Those concepts are trends, support, and Resistance levels. Without understanding how currency price moves, what is support and resistance zones, or why prices constantly react on some levels and on others not, you will not be able to be profitable in this market.

All these concepts are concepts of Technical analysis, and all other technical analysis tools are based on these three concepts. In this part, you will learn how to identify forex trends, how to use trend lines and channels, how to identify trend reversal, how to identify support and resistance zones, and how to use this concept in trading.

Step 2

In step 2 we will talk about Fundamental Analysis. In the beginning part of this module, I will try to explain to you why the Forex market is so unpredictable, and what can have a great impact on currency rate movements. Fundamental analysis is important for us to understand very strange and strong price movements on forex. In the second part of this module, we will learn to read Economic Calendar and what news from the economic calendars traders have to follow.

Step 3

The last step is very important, this part will cover Money Management. Good money management will make you a profitable trader, but bad money management will make a loser trader of you. The goal of technical analysis is to find a perfect place to make trade entries, but when you want to realize this trade or when you want to convert your analysis into money you will have to have good money management. In this part we will say how much money you should risk per trade, how to calculate position size, where to place stop loss and take profit, we will talk about risk/reward ratio, and I will show you my two-position Money Management Strategy.

Thanks again for joining and wish you the best in future trading.

Who this course is for:

  • For everyone interested in Forex trading

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