You are currently viewing An Inventory & Crafting System in Javascript with Phaser

An Inventory & Crafting System in Javascript with Phaser

Covers ES6, Classes, Arrays, Objects, Functions, Phaser 3 and more!

What you’ll learn

  • How to create an inventory & crafting system in Javascript with Phaser 3

Course content

3 total hours


  • Basic javascript and familiarity with phaser


If you need to practise your javascript…

If you want to learn some new ES6 stuff…

If you have ever wanted to create an inventory and/or crafting system for your game…

Then this course is for you!

You will get experience using:

  • Inventory systems

  • Crafting systems

  • User Interface creation

  • ES6

  • Classes

  • Arrays

  • Objects

  • Functions

  • Phaser 3

Adding an inventory and crafting system to a survival game is fun way to practise Javascript and Phaser.

The game includes:

  • Animations

  • Basic Enemy AI

  • Audio

  • Mouse & Keyboard Input Handling

  • Advanced Matter Physics

Full source code is included.

I hope you enjoy the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate javascript developers

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