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Develop Your Psychic Power Now

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Develop Your Psychic Power Now

What you’ll learn

  • By the end of the course you will be able to develop your psychic abilities and increase your intuitions
  • You will get a clear idea of what conscious and subconscious mind is and how they are different from each other
  • You will be able to enter into the state of self hypnosis easily and master self hypnosis relaxation techniques
  • You will be able to perceive forth comings easily and learn new affirmations using self hypnosis

Course content

6 total hours


  • PC with high speed internet


In this course titled ‘ Develop Your Psychic Power Now ‘. By Pradeep Aggarwal is divided into 28 Days Course where you will learn powerful techniques and exercises to develop you psychic powers and improve your intuitions. It is a fun course in which you will be able to predict forth comings by the end of the course

This course is ideal for upcoming tarot card readers, magicians , hypnotists , healers and astrologers or for anyone who has interest in the subject of psychology and psychic powers

You will also learn the difference between your conscious and sub conscious mind and how affirmations can be used to enhance psychic abilities .

  • What You Will Learn

  • * Day 1: Introduction To The Course & Sample Exercise 1
    * Day 2: Sample Exercise-2 To Develop Your Psychic Power
    * Day 3: What Are Brain Cycles? How To Go Into Alpha State? Sample Exercise-3
    * Day 4: Chakra Balancing & Energizing
    * Day 5: Opening The Third Eye
    * Day 6: Going Into Your Higher Mind
    * Day 7: Creating Psychic Shield
    * Day 8: Develop Your Visionary Sense
    * Day 9: Develop Your Sense Of Hearing
    * Day 10: Develop Your Sense Of Touch
    * Day 11: Strengthening Your Sense Of Smell
    * Day 12: Enhancing Your Sense Of Taste
    * Day 13: Strenghtening & Energizing The Aura
    * Day 14: Aura Reading, How To Develop Your Own Aura, Reading Someone Else’s Aura
    * Day 15: What Is Telepathy? Affirmations To Boost Your Telepathic Skills
    * Day 16: Exercises To Develop Telepathic Skills
    * Day 17: What Is Psychometry? How Psychometry Works? What Objects To Be Used While Doing Psychometry
    * Day 18: Exercises & Affirmations To Develop Psychometry
    * Day 19: What Is Astral Projection? Tips On Astral Projection
    * Day 20: 3 Exercises For Astral Projection
    * Day 21: Connecting With The Spirit Guide
    * Day 22: Automatic Writing
    * Day 23: Creating Your Own Psychic Anchor
    * Day 24 – 25: Self Healing Exercises
    * Day 26: Healing For Others
    * Day 27: Telekenesis & Spoon Bending
    * Day 28: Closing

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for those who want to develop and enhance their psychic abilities and improve their intuitions and sixth sense

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