You are currently viewing ( Free Trial ) New Practical Chinese / Mandarine 茶文化

( Free Trial ) New Practical Chinese / Mandarine 茶文化

You will learn practical Chinese, which can be used in daily life, conversation and travel!

What you’ll learn

  • Word Bank: Each lesson will provide you with new vocabulary words and help you increase vocabulary size.
  • Speaking and Pronunciation: You will learn correct pronunciation and articulation. Also, I will teach you how to say one thing by using different sentences.
  • Grammar: I will show you the most common grammar mistakes made by students and provide examples to help you identify and fix them.
  • Flexibility in Chinese : You’ll be able to show your flexibility in Chinese / Mandarin.

Course content

30 total mins


  • This course is designed for the [fluency-intermediate] or the levels of HSK 3-HSK 4.


Hello, This is Ivon.  I’d like to introduce my class here for you. This is mainly about (Free Trial) practical Chinese Mandarin for people who may be interested in taking the formal lectures: Practical Chinese / Mandarine Learning. You will have around 30 mins of the lecture and get to know more about my teaching style. And you like the way I teach, you can find my profile and purchase the full course  – Practical Chinese / Mandarine Learning.

2 sections • 7 lectures • 2h 41m total length

About the Full Course  – Practical Chinese / Mandarine Learning :

The teaching materials include four sections, new vocabulary, listening and reading, making sentences, and we will also have a small quiz at the end of the class. You will be able to learn different vocabulary words from pictures, dialogues or even conversations. I believe this can help you effectively improve Mandarin even without a teacher being there face to face with you.  Although I will categorise the courses as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. But personally, I don’t like to limit the vocabulary size you may learn. Because when we were a child, we also exposed ourselves in the full language environment. We can’t actually choose what we hear no matter the vocabulary words are easy or difficult.  For example, we may still hear our parents talk about some words like “government”, “climate”, “economy” or “education system” and so on.

Last but not least, since I’m from Taiwan, I will simply type traditional Chinese during the class. But don’t worry about that. Because the handouts (traditional and simplified Chinese) and videos (traditional Chinese) will show both fonts.  It won’t really affect your learning. But more, you’re able to learn how to read traditional Chinese.

Who this course is for:

  • Whoever likes Asian culture and wants to learn traditional Chinese.

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