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Introduction to Research

Types of Research, Framing Research questions, hypothesis and objectives , Data Collection , Processing and Analysis.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding the meaning and importance of Research
  • Understanding the steps in the research Process
  • Understanding the importance of literature Survey in Research
  • Knowing how to frame Hypothesis, Research Questions and Objectives and in a Research
  • Develop an understanding on Sampling techniques and Data Collection Methods.
  • Understanding the various methods of Processing and Analysis of Data

Course content

1.5 total hours


  • Students undergoing or those who have completed any graduation or post Graduation course.


Importance of Research is increasing day- by -day in every field. With this changing time large numbers of students are actively considering and taking up research and associated higher studies. This course aims to introduce students to the important aspects of research. The intent of the course is to make students aware of the details associated with  research and to help students overcome common misconceptions that may be present in their minds. This course is divided into 7 sections. The first section will deal with what is research, the meaning of research and the importance of research. The next section of the course will be about the various steps in the formulation of a research problem and literature survey and its importance. Next we will discuss on how to frame the research questions, hypothesis and objectives in a Research. We will also be discussing on tools and techniques in research ,sampling, types of sampling, data collection and Processing and Analysis of Data. By going through this course, students are likely to be able to take up research activities in a more systematic manner right from the beginning. The success of any research depend on  how systematically and scientifically  the various stages of research and the research activities are carried out by the researcher.

Who this course is for:

  • Graduate or Post graduate Students who are interested in Research.

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