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Security 101 Certification Course

Certification in Security Concepts by Archangel Protective Intelligence

What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn about security basics
  • Students will learn security principles
  • Students will be able to identify security strategies
  • Students will have a working knowledge of the basics of security

Course content

1 total hour


  • No experience necessary


Let’s start with a security definition, before diving into the various components and planning elements. Physical security measures are designed to protect buildings, and safeguard the equipment inside. In short, they keep unwanted people out, and give access to authorized individuals. While network and cybersecurity are important, preventing physical security breaches and threats is key to keeping your technology and data safe, as well as any staff or faculty that have access to the building. Without physical security plans in place, your office or building is left open to criminal activity, and liable for types of physical security threats including theft, vandalism, fraud, and even accidents.

In the built environment, we often think of physical security control examples like locks, gates, and guards. While these are effective, there are many additional and often forgotten layers to physical security for offices that can help keep all your assets protected. A comprehensive physical security plan combines both technology and specialized hardware, and should include countermeasures against intrusion such as:

Site design and layout

Environmental components

Emergency response readiness


Access control

Intrusion detection

Power and fire protection

From landscaping elements and natural surveillance, to encrypted keycards or mobile credentials, to lockdown capabilities and emergency mustering, there are many different components to preventing all different types of physical security threats in the modern workplace. You can use a Security Audit Checklist to ensure your physical security for buildings has all the necessary components to keep your facility protected from threats, intrusions and breaches.

Who this course is for:

  • Security professionals, law enforcement, and security minded individuals
  • Anyone entering a security career

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