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Swing Trading Strategy-Short Term & Positional Trades(Hindi)

Powerful Swing Trading Strategy For Profitable Short Term Swing Trading And Positional Trading.Stock Screener Explained

What you’ll learn

  • Swing Trading Strategy
  • Stock Selection For Swing Trading
  • Right Entry And Right Exit
  • Risk Management

Course content

1 total hour


  • Only Basic Understanding of Stocks Market


Swing trading is one of the best trading method to earn good returns with minimum risk of capital. Here I am again with amazing Swing trading strategy which contains how to select and filter best Swing Trading stocks using custom screener , how to make right Entry and right exit  and take profit , demand and supply zones , Money management and low risk,high reward trades are explained in theory as well as in chart with the help of diagrams.

One you finish the Swing Trading strategy, you will able to do following things at your own..

1- Stock Selection for Swing Trading

2- Identifying High Potential Swing trades.

3-Right entry in the stocks .

4-Right Exit with profit from Stock.

5-Filter Stocks for Swing Trading in 5 minutes.

6-Risk management rules .

7-Understand benefits of Profit Matrix and Many more….

This Swing trading strategy is focused on quality content and made simple to understand for beginners traders. Al the topics are covered in such a way that this strategy will take minimum time to make you comfortable in Swing Trading set up and also save your valuable time.

Unwanted study material is avoided in the strategy and to the point and important points are mentioned to save your time .

Swing Trading Strategy covers following Topics-

1- Introduction of the strategy

2- What will you learn after finishing the strategy.

3-Swing trading tools.

4-Swing trading set-up .

5-Stock selection method.

6-Demand and supply Zone.

7-Volume profile Indicator and it’s uses.

8-Right entry and right exit in stocks .

9-Benefits of trading in zones .

10-Risk management and Money Matrix.

One you finish the course , you should practice this strategy before trading in live Market so that you can avoid mistake and make good returns.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners, Professional, 9 to 5 Job People and Those who want learn Swing Trading strategy.

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