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The Venus School Presents: Twin Flame Union, DC & Soulmate

How to Manifest your Soulmate, Divine Counterpart and Twin Flame using astrology and other modalities of self awareness.

What you’ll learn

  • Divine Counterpart Manifestation
  • Shiva And Shakti
  • Fixed Stars
  • Harmonization of Polarities
  • Vibrational Alignment

Course content

1 total hour


  • The Venus School but not needed.


Hi, my name is Eva Moolchan, I am a writer, astrologer and musician.

I made this course to share the wonderful strategies of creating harmonious union with your divine counterpart, twin flame or soulmate.

In this course, you will learn: here you will access top downloads to manifest your twin flame / soulmate or divine counterpart.

1) Divine Counterpart Manifestation: access ancient wisdom: divine counterpart wisdom, the role of twin flames.

2) Shiva and Shakti: the history of twins, the symbolism of Shiva, the history of Shakti.

3) Fixed Stars: how to use astrology as symbolism for inner child understanding of how to reach divine union.

4) Harmonization of Polarities: – tools on how to keep up to date with vibrational health – via health maintenance.

5) Vibrational Alignment: – how to know you’re on track – numerology, ascension signs, and journaling.

I will also be offering one on one coaching post the course, if you want to get more concentrated tutoring on mastering the art of bringing in your twin flame, divine counterpart or soul mate. Through this classes please take notes and feel free to message me, if something did not make sense. This is a great time to bring in your divine counterpart. There are more tools to use so going into coaching isn’t a bad idea as well.

Who this course is for:

  • Lovers, people who want to find love and help it last.

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