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Self Discovery Life Coaching & Counseling Toolkit

Psychological Self-Discovery Session Process for Individuals, Life Coaches, Therapists, Counselors & Psychologists

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to discover your inner self trough writing
  • Learn self reflection journaling
  • Learn how to understand your thought, emotions and behaviour
  • Explore and boost your creativity
  • Explore and boost your self care
  • Explore and boost your self-esteem
  • Define your life purpose
  • Find inner peace
  • Become your own life coach

Course content

1 total hour


  • Just writing


My dear students, in this course, I will lead you in a psychological writing session for self-discovery. We will do this together.

  • If you are an individual just seeking self-discovery, this course will be  beneficial to you because I will guide you through the entire process.

  • If you are a professional in the field of mental health and counseling (psychologist, life coach, psychological counselor, or psychotherapist), this course will provide you with new tools for working with clients in a variety of settings. You can use it for the initial session; when a client feels lost in life; when a client cannot find a purpose; when a client has low self-esteem; when a client has poor self-care; when a client needs to work on understanding his emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, etc.

    You will receive a set of five questions in six categories, as well as a workbook that you can send to clients for completion during the course of the project. Throughout the course, you will also observe how I ask these questions, explain their meaning and purpose, and provide instructions on how to respond. So that you may apply my method to your work.

We’ll answer questions in 6 categories together:

This isn’t just average creative writing or journaling class. This is a self-exploration creative writing session. To help you understand the essence of each question and how you should think and respond, I answer each question and explain the purpose of that question.

I’ve created a special wonderful illustrated workbook with all of the questions for you; you can find it in the Resources and download it.
Alternatively, bring a favorite journal or some paper.

I hope you are ready for relaxation and self-discovery and self-reflection adventure.

Enjoy, and please leave a comment to let me know have you enjoyed this lesson; it means a lot to me.

Your teacher,


Who this course is for:

  • Creative writers
  • People who love introspection, writing and journaling
  • People who want to answer psychological questions to explore their inner self
  • Psychologists, Counselors and Life coaches who want self exploration session quide for their clients
  • People who likes meaningful journaling

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