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Become a Virtual Assistant, and Earn Working Online

A course on working online

What you’ll learn

  • The term “Virtual Assistant”.
  • Kind of work a Virtual Assistant (VA) does?
  • Apps you will need to work as a Virtual Assistant.
  • Where you can get work and/or clients as a Virtual Assistant?
  • Getting paid as a Virtual Assistant.

Course content

42 total mins


  • Computer
  • Internet
  • English


This is a course in becoming a Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistant is someone who works online and earn money.
The work they do is similar to the work of an assistant, the difference is, an assistant works in the office,
and a Virtual Assistant works remotely, from their home, or while travelling, if the Virtual Assistant is a traveller.

They do varieties of work, such as…

– administrative tasks,
– customer service (Over Email, Phone and Live Chat)
– digital marketing such as Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Graphics Designing, Video Editing, etc.
– lifestyle related tasks such as,
Vacation Planning, Flight Search and Booking, Hotel Search and Booking,
Appointments Booking (Such as Doctor, Dentist, SPA, etc.), Online Product Search, Calling Local Businesses, Customer Services, etc. and so on.

This is a basic course in becoming a Virtual Assistant. In this course, you will learn,

– about Virtual Assistant,
– the work they do,
– apps they use,
– where they find work and clients,
– and regarding getting paid.

This course is free. After completing this course if you think, you need to learn more,
to work as a Virtual Assistant, then you can do another course on Virtual Assistant, which is a advanced version,
of this course. I will upload the advanced course soon. Thank you!

Who this course is for:

  • School and college students
  • Working professionals who wants to make extra money (Side Huslter)
  • Housewife, moms and retired persons who wants to work
  • Travelers
  • People who want to work online

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