You are currently viewing A brief Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

A brief Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Internal Flow, Boundary Layer Theory, Drag & Lift Force

What you’ll learn

  • After Completion of this course student will be able to understand the different losses in pipe flow
  • After Completion of this course student will be able to understand boundary layer theory
  • After Completion of this course student will be able to understand drag & lift forces.

Course content

1 total hour


  • Physics
  • Engineering Mathematics


The subject fluid mechanics describes all the physical laws that govern the flow of fluids and gases, and ultimately help us to recognize the causes and effects of fluid flow through the determination of characteristic parameters like pressure field, velocity field in a fluid flow, along with the different properties of the fluid like density, viscosity and mainly an inter-relation between these two, and in different situations not only in the flow of fluid, but also in cases when the fluid is addressed. This is basically the subject with mechanics deals. Now the importance of the subject I think is apparent. This is because probably you cannot find out single phenomena in the universe which is devoid of fluid as the working medium or substance or flow of fluid. For example, even our basic existence or survival depends upon breathing in and out, the circulation of the blood, this all depend on the principle of fluid flow .A turbo machine includes the design of hydraulic turbines, steam turbines, compressor and pump. Basic thermal analysis of steam turbines is included in this course. The basics of fluid mechanics are applied to analyze the hydraulic turbine and pump. Design and analysis of hydraulic turbines and centrifugal pump is studied in detail. The elementary study of centrifugal compressors and axial flow compressors is part of this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Mechanical, Automobile , Production, Chemical, Civil Engineering degree and diploma Students.

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